Efficient Testing Tour – Lab Management Slides for STL and KC

I just finished my portion of the Efficient Testing Tour with Microsoft. I want to thank everyone that came out to see us talk over the past two days in St. Louis and Kansas City. Overall, we had a great discussion in both places, and I wanted to make sure I shared my slides in case anyone wants to refer to them in the future. Here they are:

Be Significant

“They keep throwing me under the bus over email.” That’s a quote that I heard the other day from a friend and fellow consultant.

This is often unavoidable, but many times it is not. Although many will tell you that you need to manage the expectations when performing consulting services, you must always manage the relationship. When you’re the faceless robot without a story, it’s way easier to throw you under the bus.

Speaking in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Indianapolis on Efficient Testing Tour

I’ll be touring the Midwest in the month of October speaking at the Efficient Testing Tour in the following three cities:

In addition covering how to get value through Microsoft Test Manager, at that event, we’ll be covering how to conduct automated/manual functional testing, and leveraging Lab Management through Team Foundation Server to automate environment deployment and management.